Dahlan Simpson - poet, dreamer and sentimental bloke*

I have been writing since I was 18 - poetry to express my feelings and investment reports to earn a living. I reasoned that poetry wasn't a safe career option! I founded a poetry club at university. As the years went by, poems came more from the heart and less from the head, and few of the latter ever saw the light of day. Borne of the heart, my poetry usually bubbled up in times of emotion and challenge. Like most people, I've felt the spectrum of the rainbow, from sorrow and trauma through to joy and inspiration. Poetry has been there as a kind of silent witness to important things my life has offered.

One experience comes vividly to mind: on that occasion, I became overwhelmed by a poem that simply landed in my head! How could that be? I have no idea. But there I was, all buckled up for take-off from Vancouver, BC, tray table up and bag under my seat, to head for the skies - to leave the place of my dreams yet again. Suddenly, words flooded into me and I fell into a kind of panic: I needed the means to write the words. Luckily, I managed to unbuckle, grab my bag, locate pen and paper, fold down the tray table and then to record the words in my head like dictation, before they were lost forever. So, here's the poem, the one that literally wrote itself whilst borrowing my brain...

When I'm alone,
I see the seasons go,
The memories one by one
Through my heart...
Not a whisper,
Not a sound -
Just those tender
Where time...
No longer plays a part.

I started Sentimental Bloke Publishing in 1990, initially offering just greeting cards (now discontinued). Since then, I have also written a few books - poetry, short stories, a childrens' story (hopefully there'll be more) and investment career highlights. Some are available on this website now. Others are at various stages of completion, to be made available later.

Step Inside and Share (42 poems) is beautifully illustrated by Sena Wilson and attractively designed by Lewis Agrell. Journeys of a Stockbroker (50 short stories, 30 poems) is wonderfully illustrated by Hadijah Munting.

I hope that you, your family and your friends enjoy some of the books and ebooks on this website. They all can be, I sincerely hope, gifts of lasting pleasure.

* with apologies to C.J. Dennis, whose work I admire.