Welcome to Sentimental Bloke Publishing and the creative work of writer Dahlan Simpson and collaborating artists.

On this site you will be able to purchase copies of Dahlan’s beautiful poetry book and greeting cards, and an ebook of 50 engaging short stories:

  • A beautifully illustrated book of 42 friendship poems, Step Inside and Share is a wonderful gift for special people in your life, and of course for yourself ~ full of romantic, dreamy, inspirational, nature and life poems to touch your heart. Artist: Sena Wilson.
  • Greeting cards of instant appeal – available as blank, with a greeting or with a poem – your choice. Japanese artist Hideo Tsubono was commissioned to create ‘Special Feelings’ cards, to express visually the friendship and nature poetry of Dahlan Simpson ~ but the art speaks for itself, even without words.
  • Take a journey around the world with  ‘Journeys of a Stockbroker’, a collection of 50 short stories and 30 poems. Be prepared to laugh, cry and even to be downright fascinated! Artist: Hadijah Munting.

cardsMore books and cards, and one or two CDs, are planned for the future.

Gifts to share ~ that is what you will find on this website.

Indulge yourself, your family and your special friends on journeys of love, friendship and camaraderie….of nature, feelings, of life…..to take you out of yourself, and then, all of a sudden, into yourself….you and they will be captivated.

Dahlan Simpson began this journey with the vision that all peoples may embrace positive and joyful feelings together ~ whoever and wherever they may be ~ whether a close family member or a new friend the other side of the world.

Share the joy, the inspiration, the hilarity and the fun ~ Welcome to Sentimental Bloke Publishing.

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